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Trattamenti Termici Mantesso Srl (Heat Treatments)

Products overview


Case hardening is a metallurgical process used to increase the wear resistance of steels with carbon enriching the surface of the material


By the term hardening temper means a set of heat treatments that are performed to particular types of steels and which consists of a quenching followed by tempering


New process consisting of a heat treatment carried on in a bath of salt, non-polluting, by which, on mechanical parts in ferrous alloys, are obtained of fatigue strength increases, to wear and corrosion.


It is a heat treatment which leads to the formation of martensite for continuous cooling.

The stress relieving is a heat treatment for obtaining the complete solubilization of the carbides and the omogenization of austenite in the steel


Isothermal annealing allows to give the steel a homogeneous microstructure ipoeutettoidici, allowing the workability of the steel.

Quality treatament

is our aim

Featured products

We have qualified specialists, who help us to garantee the quality of our treatments on products of all our customers.


We garatee the products, ordered by you, with the realse of certiciates of hardness to demonstrate the quality of materials treated..

Frameless construction of hangars according to progressive technology with the use of automatic building.

We guarantee quotes quickly to allow our customers to secure contracts on supply of their products.

Most popular

Welding wire is the material used for welding method of automatic and semi-automatic welding, as well as in the manufacture of iron or steel structure for automotive and for automatic or semi-automatic robots machines. We have all requirements for the treatments of post-welding, and so normalize the structure of metal, or pre working for garantee the avoiding partial or noone deformation of material during working.

We have competitive prices that not affect the quality of treatments and are determinated with a study of the best union of the production to the choose of better energy cost of the treatments. So the price are very competive and we can organize the speed delivery of your treated products in few days from when them arrive to the our depots.

We have many method of hardness tests for verify and certificates the hardness of our treatments on your furniture. So the garantie of treatment results are not to discussion. And we can give the photographic Brinell footprint on metal to demonstration of the results of treatment of hardening and metal temper with the series of tests and certificate with scale of results.